For API Reconciling Mission applicants with a sponsoring bishop

We’re delighted that your bishop is looking to sponsor you to participate in the Anglican Peacemaking Institute (API) Reconciling Mission programme.

What am I getting into?

Do you long to see the Church being an agent for addressing injustice and effecting reconciliation across the divisions in your community and society? Do you want to see the local church engaged more deeply with their neighbourhood, building on the strengths within the community? If you do, then you’ll be eagerly looking forward to participating in the API Reconciling Mission programme.

The API Reconciling Mission process is focused on resourcing you to understand the Church's mission in the context of God's reconciling work in the world; and to equip you with practical tools to enable your parish to engage deeply with local communities and to play a creative role in moving towards greater reconciliation within society. It also seeks to enable you, as part of a small team, to share learning and approaches with others in your diocese or province.

What am I committing myself to?

By participating in the API Reconciling Mission programme, you’ll be committing yourself to the following:

  • Meeting with your bishop and your colleagues to clarify hopes and expectations, beforehand
  • Along with your team members, developing a provisional plan for your parish or context, during the initial week-long course
  • Meeting regularly with your other team members to discuss implementation and agree next steps; and meeting occasionally with your bishop (or bishop's representative)
  • Along with your team members, participating in a series of small online video conferences, with other diocesan teams, at regular intervals over 18 months. These will are designed as action learning groups, facilitated by an API facilitator, along with occasional webinars
  • Providing a short video update via WhatsApp, prior to each action learning group
  • Offering feedback to future API programmes, via a short pre-recorded video interview
  • Where possible, attending occasional gatherings of API ‘graduates’, to share stories of impact and learning

What does the programme look like in detail?

For more details on the nature of the programme, see here. There's an overview of the residential week, here, and of the whole 18-month programme, here. There's also a document setting out what's distinctive about the programme in relation to conflict and reconciliation, here.

How do I apply?

Once you’ve been selected by your bishop, please read through the pages of this website. Then complete the application form. Please contact our administrator, if you need any further information.

What do current API-RM participants say about the programme?

A short video from the Revd Jo Mulliner, Rector of St Saviour's, Bridge of Allan, in the Diocese of St Andrews in the Scottish Episcopal Church:

A short video from the Revd Scott Watts, Team Vicar in the Vale & Cotswold Edge Team, in the Diocese of Gloucester in the Church of England:

A short video from the Revd Gail Phillip, Vicar of St Giles's, Exhall, in the Diocese of Coventry in the Church of England:

A short video from the Revd Phelim O'Hare, Vicar of St German with St Saviour, in the Diocese of Llandaff in the Church in Wales:

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