Practitioners' Network

Reconciliation Initiatives offers a practitioners’ network for people who’ve gone through the Reconciling Mission programme. This page sets out the shape of the network, and an application form.

Who’s the Practitioners’ Network for?

The network is for anyone who's completed the Reconciling Mission programme. You don't still need to be located in your original sponsoring diocese in order to join.

What’s the purpose of the Practitioners’ Network?

The network is designed to offer alumni of the Reconciling Mission programme the following:

  • A way of staying connected with others who’ve gone through the Reconciling Mission programme, and who’ve therefore wrestled with issues of implementing their learning from the programme;
  • A space to continue processing challenges or issues that participants are facing in their ongoing ministries, recognising that working at churches’ missional engagement with their local communities is an ongoing project; and
  • An opportunity to continue learning, both through practising a group coaching process, and through sharing and picking up insights with others, recognising that as Christian disciples we are invited to be life-long learners.

What does the Practitioners’ Network consist of?

The network consists of the following:

  • Online meetings about every three months: a facilitated two-hour session, via the Zoom platform, comprising a catch-up time at the beginning, followed by a couple of Action Learning Group conversations for one or two participants to do some thinking on a challenge or issue that they’re facing;
  • An opportunity to request an individual one-to-one online coaching conversation once a year, either with RI’s director, Alastair McKay, or with one of our Associates;
  • An opportunity to attend the annual Reconciling Mission day-conference, usually held at Coventry Cathedral in late March each year, at half price; and
  • An occasional newsletter, providing updates and links that connect with the Reconciling Mission programme and its themes.

How do you join the Practitioners’ Network, and what is the cost?

To join the network, please complete the short application form below. The annual cost of membership is £60, preferably paid as an annual sum. However, if you need to spread the cost, please contact us about alternatives.

You’ll also need to set up a standing order from your bank to ours (the Co-operative Bank): account name: Reconciliation Initiatives; sort code: 08-92-99; account number: 65843956.

You can cancel your membership at any time, but there's no refund on fees paid. Your membership runs for a calendar year from the first of the month after your payment (or first payment) is received.

Application form

Please fill in the application form below, and when you've completed all the entries, click on 'submit' at the bottom. (Simply type your entry into each box, and then move your cursor to the next one. Avoid hitting 'Enter' after each entry, as this will submit the whole form. Thanks!)

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