Reconciling Mission Network

Reconciliation Initiatives (RI) offers a network for people who’ve gone through the Reconciling Mission programme. This page sets out the shape of the network, and how to get involved.

Who’s the Reconciling Mission Network for?

The network is for everyone who has completed the Reconciling Mission programme. At the conclusion of the programme, you’ll automatically be added to the Reconciling Mission Network. You can opt out at any point. Even if you move diocese, you can remain in the network.

What’s the purpose of the Reconciling Mission Network?

The network offers graduates of the Reconciling Mission programme the following:

  • A way of staying connected with others who’ve gone through the Reconciling Mission programme, so that you can continue to share learning, joys and struggles, and nurture supportive relationships with understanding peers;
  • Spaces to continue processing challenges or issues that participants face in their ongoing ministries, recognising that working at churches’ missional engagement with their local communities is an ongoing project, as is ministerial leadership; and
  • Opportunities to continue learning and being refreshed, through practising a non-competitive group coaching process, participating in the annual Reconciling Mission conference at Coventry Cathedral, and attending an annual spiritual retreat.

What does the Reconciling Mission Network consist of?

The network consists of the following:

  • A quarterly newsletter with: content from network members; reminders of core programme theory and practice; and new resources and signposts to useful links;
  • A WhatsApp group: to share useful resources, and prayer requests;
  • Online gatherings about every 4 months: facilitated 2½ hour sessions (including a break), via the Zoom platform, comprising:
    • An introduction and devotional reflection;
    • A round-robin check-in and catch-up;
    • A content piece, with breakout group conversation and plenary discussion;
    • Spotlight on one (pre-prepared) person explaining what they’re engaged with; and
    • Two rounds of Action Learning Group conversations for two participants to do some thinking on a challenge or issue that they’re facing.
  • The opportunity to attend the annual Reconciling Mission day-conference, usually held at Coventry Cathedral in late March each year, including a specific network gathering conversation as part of the event; and
  • The option to attend an annual spiritual retreat, usually at Launde Abbey.

What are the costs and logistics?

You’ll be automatically signed up to the network after you’ve completed the programme. You can opt out of the whole network at any time; or, separately, out of the newsletters and WhatsApp group, both of which are free. The Action Learning Groups, and annual conference and retreat will be individually priced each year; and you’ll be invoiced for whichever of these you sign up for.

While there’s no fee to join the network, RI hopes you’ll want to support what we’re doing. Therefore, we suggest an annual £60 donation to RI (or alternatively £5 a month, if that’s easier, via a Standing Order), which can be done with Gift Aid, to increase the value to RI.

However, you may consider that you can give a larger gift; or that you can only afford a smaller one. Either way, RI is happy for you to decide, and to donate according to your means and inclination. Donations that are kindly made to RI are not ringfenced for specific projects.  For example, donations towards the Reconciling Mission Network help to sustain RI which makes the delivery of programmes and the running of the network possible.

Once you've decided what financial gift you’d like to make, you can do this by:

Please contact Becky Gaskin at [email protected] for any queries regarding payment.


Action Learning Groups online via Zoom:

  • Wednesday, 15 May 2024 10am - 12:30pm
  • Wednesday, 24 July 2024 10am - 12:30pm
  • Wednesday, 13 November 2024 10am - 12:30pm

Reconciling Mission Conference, to include a network gathering as part of the event:

  • Tuesday, 18 March 2025, 9:30am to 4:00pm, at Coventry Cathedral

Annual Spiritual Retreat:

  • In 2024, from 4:00pm, Monday, 9 September, until 2:00pm Wednesday 11 September, at Launde Abbey

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