For Bishops looking to sponsor a group

How can we deal better with our internal church disagreements? How can we avoid splits and schisms? What will envision and equip Christians and churches to be agents for reconciliation in divided communities?

If, as a diocesan bishop, you’re pondering questions such as these, then you’ll want to consider sponsoring a group to participate in an Anglican Peacemaking Institute (API). The API process is focused on developing and implementing a strategy for peacemaking across an Anglican diocese.

What would I be committing myself to?

If you sponsor a group, you and your team will be committing yourselves to the following:

  • You, as the diocesan bishop, identifying and investing in a diverse team of four
  • Meeting with your team in advance to clarify hopes and expectations

During the two-week API, the team will develop a provisional diocesan action plan. They will also identify a partner team from a diocese in another country (unless already identified in advance).

Over the following 18 months, your team will participate in a series of online video conferences, with their partner diocesan team. These conferences will function as an action learning group and will be facilitated by an API facilitator. You can expect:

  • To meet regularly with your team to take forward implementation and agree next steps. (Typically, meeting within a month of the API, then every three months.)

We also hope that you and your team will offer feedback to subsequent API summer schools, via short pre-recorded video interviews. Where possible, team members will also attend occasional regional gatherings of API ‘graduates’, to share stories of impact and learning.

Who should I sponsor as participants?

Your four participants should ideally meet these criteria:

  • mid-level leaders with potential to be influential senior figures. (If clergy, not yet bishops or deans; if lay, not yet in the most senior roles.)
  • a mix of women and men, with at least half women, and ideally a mix of lay and ordained;
  • people who reflect some of the diversity within your diocese;
  • people of some emotional maturity, who are not extreme characters; and
  • expected to be in the age range 30-49.

Once you have identified a team of four, please notify our director. If you want to make an exception to the criteria, you’ll need to present a case justifying this. Then invite each team member to read the pages of this website, and to complete the application form.

What’s it going to cost my diocese?

It costs around GBP £5,000 per participant to deliver the APIs. For the API in Europe, you are invited to contribute GBP £1,500 per participant – so GBP £6,000 for four participants. We may, however, be able to help you seek financial sponsorship from a charitable trust to cover more of the cost. For the APIs in Africa and North America, proposed contributions have yet to be finalised.

Each participant’s API main travel costs are covered by Reconciliation Initiatives. This is to ensure a more level playing-field and that travel distance does not deter participation.

Anglican Peacemaking Institutes are planned for:

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