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Our Associates Reconciliation Initiatives

Lia Dong Shimada

Lia is a mediator and community practitioner, and Senior Researcher for the Susanna Wesley Foundation at the University of Roehampton, conducting research on cultural diversity and practical theology. She has worked in the peacebuilding field since 2007. As an accredited mediator, Lia works with organisational, workplace, community and housing disputes. She is the editor of Mapping Faith: Theologies of Migration and Community (Jessica Kingsley, 2020).

Our Associates Reconciliation Initiatives

David Brubaker

David serves as Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professions at Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, USA. He has 34 years’ experience in workplace mediation and organizational and congregational consulting. David has worked in a dozen international settings including Northern Ireland. He is the author of several books, including When the Center Does Not Hold: Leading in an Age of Polarization (Fortress Press, 2019).

Our Associates Reconciliation Initiatives

Liz Holdsworth

Liz is an independent facilitator, and Mustard Seed Associate Programme Leader in the Diocese of York. She was formerly Director of Mission and Development in the Diocese of Peterborough, for 17 years, working with local parishes and on diocesan initiatives. She resources ordained and lay leaders to use Family Systems Theory as a lens for understanding human interactions, and to use the Friendly Style Profile as a tool for team-building. She also offers coaching for leaders facing situations of conflict.

Our Associates Reconciliation Initiatives

Barbara Macnish

Barbara is an independent coach, mediator and facilitator with a background in cross-cultural church planting. She has 12 years of experience consulting with teams and individuals in churches, charities and businesses, focussing on helping them create strategies to communicate effectively and to thrive. As a Myers Briggs practitioner and Clifton Strengths Coach she uses experiential learning principles to facilitate tailored team events.

Our Associates Reconciliation Initiatives

Al Barrett

Al is the Rector of Hodge Hill Church, an Anglican-URC partnership in east Birmingham. He has been deeply involved in a long-term, intergenerational journey of community-building, using an Asset-Based Community Development approach. He facilitates training sessions and retreats, and lectures and writes on community-building and the Church’s future shape. He is co-author, with Ruth Harley, of Being Interrupted: Re-imagining the Church's Mission from the Outside, In (SCM Press, 2020).

Our Associates Reconciliation Initiatives

Paul Wright

Paul is a community animator with Open Door Community Foundation in east Birmingham. Rooted in his local community, he has a wealth of experience in Asset-Based Community Development. He oversees a street connecting project, mentoring a team of community connectors. Alongside his neighbours, he has helped to shape a shared vision and culture, and to develop deep-rooted values and practices within a neighbourhood.

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