Our Advisors

Our Advisors Reconciliation Initiatives

Peter Price - former Chair of Trustees

Peter was our Chair of Trustees from January 2019 until April 2021. A former Bishop of Bath and Wells (2001-2013) and chair of the Anglican Pastoral Visitors Programme (2009-2013), Peter was chair of the peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources (2013-2018); and is the author of various books including Things that Make for Peace: A Christian Peacemaker in a World of War (DLT, 2018). Peter has a life-long commitment to peacemaking and provides occasional advice in our work of resourcing Anglican churches as agents for reconciliation in society.

Our Advisors Reconciliation Initiatives

Elizabeth Henry

Elizabeth was until 2020 the Church of England’s National Adviser on Race and Ethnicity and led the work of the church in improving and increasing the inclusion, representation and participation of its minority ethnic members in the life of the church, as well as combatting racism in wider society.

Our Advisors Reconciliation Initiatives

David Brubaker

David serves as Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professions at Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, USA. He has 34 years’ experience in workplace mediation and organizational and congregational consulting. David has worked in a dozen international settings including Northern Ireland. He is the author of several books, including When the Center Does Not Hold: Leading in an Age of Polarization (Fortress Press, 2019).

Our Advisors Reconciliation Initiatives

David Dadswell

David is the Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Lincoln, an Anglican priest with wide experience in both commercial and church management consultancy, and author of Consultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry. One of our original trustees, David occasionally advises us on our business planning.

Our Advisors Reconciliation Initiatives

Iain Nettleton

Iain is a Partner at BDO and leads their International Projects Group, with responsibility for designing and delivering large and complex projects on behalf of clients in emerging markets and transitional economies. Iain was the treasurer and a trustee of Reconciliation Initiatives until the end of 2021 and continues to provide occasional advice.

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