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Reconciliation Initiatives is a charity (not-for-profit organisation), registered in England. As a member of the Community of the Cross of Nails, we work in partnership with Coventry Cathedral. We seek to equip Anglican Christians and their churches to contribute to reconciliation in wider society. We are doing this primarily through a distinctive resourcing and missional accompaniment programme, called Reconciling Mission, and an associated network. In addition, we offer a racial justice programme, called Being White. Wider offerings have included quarterly public webinars, previously in collaboration with HeartEdge.

About us Reconciliation Initiatives

Our Patron – Rachel Treweek
Bishop of Gloucester

‘The Anglican Communion is no stranger to division, whether it be internal or rooted in wider conflict within a geographical area. I am therefore delighted to be the patron of this new peacemaking initiative which will be a significant contribution to the Church participating more effectively in God's ministry of reconciliation and being a transforming presence within the world.’

About us Reconciliation Initiatives

Chair of Trustees – Moira Astin
Archdeacon of Reigate

‘I believe in the importance of rebuilding relationships within and beyond the church where they’ve broken down. One gift of the church is not to be always right, but by God’s grace to want to rebuild our relationships, and to keep learning what it means to live in mutual and just relationship with one another. I want us to share such reconciliation with others and to use the fruits of this for the blessing and wellbeing of our communities. The Reconciling Mission programme offers an inspired route to help to effect this at a local level.’

About us Reconciliation Initiatives

John Witcombe
Dean of Coventry Cathedral

‘Our history in Coventry has been shaped by our experience of healing the hurt caused by violent conflict. We are delighted to be sharing with Reconciliation Initiatives in this partnership to bridge divisions and build a hopeful future for all – work sorely needed both locally and globally, in which the churches have a vital role to play.’

About us Reconciliation Initiatives

Alastair McKay
Executive Director

‘My hope is to see Anglican Christians holding a clear vision for peacemaking and bridge-building within the Church and in the world. Through the training and coaching provided in our Reconciling Mission programme, we aim to resource and equip this part of God’s people to further develop and implement such a vision. This will contribute to strengthening right relationships, social justice and mutual respect within our local communities.’

Among those commending the project

About us Reconciliation Initiatives

'I long to see Christians fulfilling their calling to be ministers of reconciliation. I therefore welcome the emergence of Reconciliation Initiatives and its vision to contribute to the resourcing of Anglican leaders for this calling. Their programmes will help Anglicans to better address internal church tensions and be creative agents for reconciliation – both of which are much needed in today's world.'

Justin Welby – Archbishop of Canterbury

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